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Wireless Pcmcia Notebook Adaptor 802.11g
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The Wireless LAN adapter that connects your Laptop computer to the Broadband Internet anywhere around your house and garden, Plug & play installation on your laptops PC Card slot, Windows 98SE- Me- 2000 and XP compatible, 802.11g WLAN compliant Backward, compatible with 802.11b, Turbo 11g: Normal operating speeds 30 percent faster than standard 802.11g 54 Mbit/s, only uses a single radio channel (minimise, interference) and does not rely on Compression , Auto fall back Data rate under extended range, (From 54 down to 1 Mbit/s), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) up to 128 bit, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) wireless security, Range up to 50m indoors and 250m outdoors, Radio Interface, IEEE802.11g, 2.4 GHz Frequency band, PC Interface, PC Card (Cardbus) Type II, Power: 3.3V / 495mA Tx- 330mA Rx.

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