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DSL-W 3805

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DSL-W 3805
Why Buy?
For a single PC, the DSL-W 3805 PCI ADSL modem provides a simple and low-cost method of connection to your service.
It works in the same way as traditional modems using a Windows dial-up connection.
Slightly quicker than USB modems (good for gamers!).
Can I Use This?
Suitable for use in all Windows based PCs (not laptops), including Windows 98, 98SE, NT4, 2000, XP.
How Do I Install It?
PCI card requires internal installation (must remove PC case).
What's Included?
DSLW 3805 PCI ADSL modem card
Installation CD
Printed installation guide
1 x 2m RJ-11 cable (for connection to phone socket)
1 x DSL-W FT101 Microfilter

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