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Zoom ADSL PCI Modem

The Zoom ADSL PCI Model 5506 internal modem connec
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Zoom ADSL PCI Modem
The Zoom ADSL PCI Model 5506 internal modem connects your Windows computer to standard ADSL service to provide a high-speed "always on" connection to the Internet. The Model 5506 plugs easily into any Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, Me, or XP computer with an available PCI slot. Then simply plug into any phone jack with ADSL service, run the installation Wizard software provided and you're ready for instant access to the Internet. The installation wizard software is pre-configured for many service providers. Just select from a list of DSL providers and the installation wizard automatically configures the network settings. If a provider is not listed, the installation wizard makes it easy to enter the settings for your ADSL service. The Model 5506 is a full rate data modem that delivers up to 8 Mbps data speeds over existing telephone wiring. The Zoom Model 5506 supports all popular ADSL standards including Full Rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, G.DMT and Splitterless G.Lite. Features � High-speed "always

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