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BT On-Air 2250 Classic Silver

Classic Dect cordless with answerphone - Silver
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BT On-Air 2250 Classic Silver
20 Last number redial - The twenty most recently dialed numbers are stored and can be accessed again at the touch of a button.
50 Name and number memory - Allows you to store and dial 50 names and numbers at the touch of a few buttons.
6 Handset ringer melodies - Sets the ringer melody of the handset.
Caller Display - When used with BTís Caller Display service, you can see call information via the LCD.
Easy to use menu structure
Expandability - Up to 5 additional handsets can be registered to a single base unit without the need for Additional wiring.
Fully digital cordless telephone - with 12 minutes recording time
Handset ringer / speech volume control - Allows the volume to be adjusted.
Handsfree - Allows you to hold a conversation without lifting the handset.
Preparatory dialing - When dialing a number it appears in the display, allowing you to check that it is correct. The number can then be dialed by pressing a single button.
Pre-recorded OGM - A pre-recorded message on the answering machine (this can be overwritten with your own outgoing message).
Private playback via handset - Lets you listen privately to messages left on your answering machine using your telephone handset.
Range - The handset will operate away from the base station, up to 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors (in ideal conditions).
Remote access - This enables you to access your answering machine from another tone dialing phone. You can playback, fast forward, rewind or delete messages using a Touch-Tone keypad. A PIN number prevents unauthorized access.
Removable fascias - Silver, Grey, Blue Grey
Secrecy - Allows you to speak to someone else in the room without your caller hearing the conversation.
Wall mountable - Can be mounted on a wall either directly or using a bracket (supplied with product).

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