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Oregon FSP301-R

Projection Clock `Speedometer Line` Red
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Oregon FSP301-R
Maranello Radio Controlled Clock & Calendar, Projects image of current time as well as Ferrari Logo onto the wall or ceiling of a darkened room, Weather Forecast via easy-to-read weather icons, Displays Indoor & Outdoor Temperature & Humidity, Takes up to 3 remote wireless sensors, Max/Min memories for indoor & remote temperature readings, Temperature trend indicator, User - selectable 24hr and 12hr display format, Calendar displays date with Month and Day-of-week in 5 languages - English- French- German- Italian or Spanish, 2-minute daily crescendo alarm, 8-minute Snooze function, Choice of either an exciting Ferrari racing engine as your alarm or normal beep alarm, 180deg tiltable projection head, 180deg Rotation for image reversal, Continuous image projection function with mains adapter, HiGlo EL Backlight.

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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