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Pioneer CDJ100S

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Pioneer CDJ100S
Turn the JOG DIAL like an analog turntable, and club sound resounds. You can operate the CDJ100S with a closer-to-vinyl turntable feel. The Digital Jog Break function provides 3 different effects at a turn of the JOG DIAL. The Slot In Method enables smooth disc change. You can enjoy a wide variety of DJ performance combining analog touch operability with versatile digital effect
Digital Jog Break. Digital Jog Break provides analog DJ effects at a turn of the Jog Dial so new and original sounds can be made. This player is suited for a wide variety of music genre with digital effects. It is both versatile and easy to operate.
Jet: Sound wave is created by adding Short Delay. This is similar to Flanger which DJs make by using 2 analog turntables
ZIP: The pitch of reproduced sounds can be changed without changing the tempo. Lowering of the pitch by the Jog Dial produces the sounds resembling those made by slowing an analog turntable (Braking effect).
WAH: The audio level of a certain frequency can be made strong or weak by the turn of a dial.
HOLD Function: With the button on, the present Jog Dial state can be maintained even while taking your hand off the Jog Dial. With the button off, it returns gradually to the original state. You can use this button whenever you want
Slot In: The Slot In Method allows Smooth changes between discs. It takes about four seconds to load your song, fastest in the industry
Quick Start: When you hit the Play button the CDJ100S starts the music instantly (less than 0.01 seconds) so you can match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy.
Compact Body: Measuring just 8-9/16 x 3-3/4 x 12-1/4 in. (217.7 x 94.5 x 310.7mm), the CDJ100S is packed with all the features you'd expect of a professional CD player, all of which makes this machine ideal for mobile DJ'ing.
Jog Dial: This large, quick-response dial makes frame-by-frame search and point selection easy and accurate while providing a closer-toturntable feel.
Super Fast Track Search/Super Fast Search Function
Turning Jog Dial with the press of the Track Search/Search button allows higher speed search. This function is convenient for CDs with many tracks.
Tempo Control : A two-step switch allows you to set the tempo range to either -16% +10% or +/-10%, while a long-stroke slide provides rapid control over playback speed.
Master Tempo: An industry first, this new Master Tempo control locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes. Now you can vary the beat with no change in vocal or instrument tone.
Playing Address: A light bar provides an at-a-glance graphic indication of elapsed playing.
Cue Functions: Cue Point. You can set the cue point by a frame unit (1/75 second). Back Cue Function: Press the Cue button while playing the unit to go back to the cue point and start over. In addition, you can go back to the song's start point whenever you want at a press of the button.
Auto Cue Function: Auto Cue automatically locates the song's start point even if it differs from the track's frame, allowing the player to start instantly at a press of the Play button.
Cue Point Sampler Function: The sound from the memorized cue point for as long as 1 minute can be reproduced by one touch, which can be used as the start point check and the sampler. In addition, real time cue point input makes it easy to set and change the cue point.
Fader Start & Back Cue Play: When the CDJ100S is used with DJM500, DJM300, or DJM300S mixer, You can start the music with a fader or cross fader, or use them to return to the cue point.
Relay Play: Connecting 2 CDJ100S allows one song to be put on standby while the other plays (Auto cue must be on). Relay Play automatically starts the second unit at the end of the song for uninterrupted play. This continues back and forth until both discs are done.
Vibration-Proof Contruction: Vibration-Proof Construction is achieved by utilizing technology found in Pioneer's car-audio CD players. In addition, the CDJ100S is equipped with Protect Guard to help avoid turning the power off, or ejecting a disc, accidentally, during your performance.
Digital Output: For digital recording (Normal play mode only).

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