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Tascam CD302

dual deck DJ CD system
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Tascam CD302
The TASCAM CD-302 dual deck DJ-CD system, goes head to head with the very best analogue decks in providing a full - and authentic sounding - capability to scratch and brake... digitally!
The beautifully laid out dual-controller provides a very physical degree of control over playback and mixing of the independent CD drives, housed in a 2U 19-inch rackmount enclosure. Two large rubberised rocker controls and full throw 100 mm pitch sliders are the most immediate features of the controller, while colour coded illuminated buttons and a quick glance LCD readout and separate BPM counter, make for a highly intelligible and intuitive control. The controller is housed in a horizontally configured 5U rack, for integration within console assemblies; the individual controllers can be separated.
As well as the unique scratch mixing and braking features (and sounds), other exclusive CD-302 features include +32% pitch control, automatic Tempo sync and Beat sync. Tempo can be altered independently of any change in pitch, or together with pitch - as on analogue turntables. Likewise, the pitch of a track can be altered without any change in the tempo. Pitch can also be altered in semitone increments. There is also a BPM Tap function and a Tempo Bend function for aligning beats when mixing.
A 10 second sample function on each deck can be spun into the mix, even when the sampled CD is removed, and there's a seamless 'loop' capability and a 10 second shock and knock proof memory to prevent 'jumping'. The instant start function allows the frame accurate cuing-up of tracks from the jog wheel controls. A 1000 track memory, enables the recall of cue points, loop points, sampling points, BPM, pitch, etc).
Other features Program Play of up to 30 tracks, Auto Cue and Auto Ready functions, End of Message function, Timer play and Relay play, Event Start and fader Start functions, a Sleep function that stops the transport motor automatically if left idle for more than 30 minutes and a transport auto-close function that automatically closes the CD tray after 30 seconds. And not forgetting sound quality - the CD-302's high quality analogue convertors put out a stunning 98 dB dynamic range.
Advanced beat matching control with large, automatic BPM meter
True instant start
100% tempo adjustment without changing pitch
100% pitch adjustment without changing tempo
On-board 10 second sampling on each unit
Turntable emulation with brake function and scratch play
10 second shock RAM buffer
Seamless loop function
Incremental play function
Fader start function
Detachable remote control for each player
Separate RCA unbalanced outputs for each player

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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