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Vestax BDT2500

djs vinyl turntable with Anti Skipping Tone-arm System
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Vestax BDT2500
A.S.T.S. The most revolutionary invention in 50 years of turntable history.
The A.S.T.S. (Anti Skipping Tone-arm System) has been developed through years of experience and research into developing an innovative tone-arm for professional DJs. This system breaks all historic practice in achieving our goal of non-skipping performance in hard scratching. A.S.T.S. consists of two inventions, short/straight arm and TH (Tracing Hold) balance system.
The BDT-2500 includes a built in, high quality phono amplifier which allows you to connect to the line input jack of a mixer or pre-amplifier. Can play 78RPM records and comes complete with cartridge and stylus. The BDT-2500 is not designed for scratch mixing.
This member of the active audio family brings you the opportunity to revel in the brilliant warmth of vinyl. For LP, EP, or SP format the pitch controls (main & fine) give you the option to adjust the rpm setting easily, with absolutely no gaps in play. The static balanced 'S' shape tone arm gives the BDT-2500 sturdy reliable tracking with minimal skip. This combined with a unique heavy-duty chassis reduces the impact of any vibrations and greatly diminishes the chance of feedback.
As phono inputs are getting harder to find on modern hifi equipment the BDT-2500 come with a built in phono amp that lets you connect it to any line level input.
The BDT-2500 also features an auto return function that automaticaly returns the tone arm to the armrest.

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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