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Arcam DV88 Plus Multiregion Silver

Multiregion DVD Player with Progressive PAL - Silver
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Arcam DV88 Plus Multiregion Silver
The new DV88 Plus DVD player represents a significant step forward in audio and video performance. The DV88 Plus is the first DVD player in the world to be officially certified for progressive scan playback on PAL 625 as well as NTSC 525. The progressive scan process produces a result that gets even closer to film and is essential for those who seek the ultimate in video quality from DVD.
The audio engineering, as you would expect coming from Arcam, is also state of the art. A great deal of care has gone into this part of the design. Arcam are using separate clocks and power supplies for video and audio, in addition to the latest generation Digital to Analogue converters.
The DV88 Plus comes with all the video and audio outputs you could possibly need and, as well as play back of regular DVD-Video discs and CDs it will also, unlike many well known machines, handle CD-R and CD-RW discs plus HDCD and most MP3 encoded CDs. The custom-designed remote control gives access to a whole host of DVD commands as well as the ability to operate the volume controls on Arcam home cinema amplifiers and the AVR200 Receiver.

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