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DVD Player
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Denon brings videophile performance to a ridiculously affordable price point with the new DVD-1710. This slim, compact DVD player, incorporates technologies from further up the Denon range and is an elegant match for both Denons new 05 series Home Cinema receivers and the existing range.The high-performance video DACs deliver Progressive Scan via the component output and make the DVD-1710 an ideal complement to Plasma and LCD screens. RGB on SCART delivers the best picture for standard TVs. Combining exemplary build quality, high-spec components and above average performance, the DVD-1710 is perfect for consumers who want quality and value, not just the lowest price.PAL Progressive Scan via Component Video outputs the picture on appropriate displays RGB via the SCART output and S-Video output delivers the best picture on standard TVs The latest 12-bit/54MHz Video DACs for superb picture quality 24-bit/192kHz Audio DACs give a wide dynamic range and excellent s/n ratio The audio circuit design is based

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