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DENON DVD-2900 Multiregion Silver

Universal Multiregion DVD Player with Progressive Scan - Silver
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DENON DVD-2900 Multiregion Silver
The DVD-2900 brings Denonís audiophile and videophile performance features to a price point that most enthusiasts can afford. Many of the technologies and construction elements developed for the flagship DVD-A1 have been used in the 2900. Remarkably at this price, Denon have gone for pure audiophile construction with a shielded three box, five block internal layout to isolate analogue, digital and video circuits from each other and included audiophile quality Silmic capacitors in the audio chain. Similarly high standards have been applied to the video circuitry. Advanced Silicon Image SiI504 PureProgressive Scan for PAL, the best there is! Twin High-resolution Analog Devices 12-bit 108MHz Video DACs with Noise Shaped Video Audiophile grade Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192kHz DSD 1790 Audio DACs Super Sub Alias Filter on Progressive and Interlace for Luminance and Chrominance signals Pure Direct QUIET mode, switches off all non-essential circuits & displays during music playback Dedicated multi-channel DSD/S

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