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DENON DVD-3300 Black

DVD Player - Black
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DENON DVD-3300 Black
The DVD-3300 is a DVD A/V player that unleashes the remarkable sonic performance of DVD-Audio. This player not only lets you enjoy DVD-Audio but also DVD-Video, CD, and Video CD. The DVD-3300 is equipped with highest resolution multiple 24 bit, 192 kHz D/A converters that complies with DVD-Audio specifications. The design experience that DENON has applied to building CD players and DVD-Video players along with parts that have been selected against strict criteria for high sound quality have been fully exploited to bring out the ultra-high sonic quality hidden in DVD-Audio. The DVD-3300 lets you enjoy superior picture quality as well, thanks to a 27-MHz, 10-bit video D/A converter in the video circuit.
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