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DENON DVD-3800 - Gold

DVD-Video/DVD-Audio Player - Gold
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DENON DVD-3800 - Gold
The DVD-3800 brings many of Denon’s highest performance features to an affordable price point. The achilles heel of DVD-Audio has been adressed with full bass management on board and the built-in digital decoders make this an ideal upgrade for customers with older non-dts 5.1 AV receivers.
For highest-quality video images, the DVD-3800 uses two of the most advanced 12bit 108MHz Video DACs with Noise Shaped Video, Silicon Image’s SiI504 PureProgressive™ Scan with a huge 64mB of external SDRAM, plus Denon’s super Sub-Alias filter and 4x Oversampling on both the Progressive and Interlace outputs.
For audio, Denon’s AL24 Processing Plus uses the latest Burr-Brown 24-bit 192kHz DACs and state-of-the-art technologies to extract the maximum from DVD-Audio and CD. Audiophile components are used throughout the analogue stages and there is a special two stage ‘Pure Direct’ quiet mode for music replay.
The DVD-3800 weighs over 20 pounds featuring solid audiophile construction with a multi-layer top and bottom plates, alloy fascia and a two box, five block internal layout to isolate analogue, digital and video circuits. The disc loader features a special hybrid construction of moulded plastic and metal that further absorbs vibration for completely stable disc playback.
New Silicon Image DVDO PureProgressive™ SiI504 Decoding Engine; the best there is.
High-resolution Analog Devices 108 MHz 12 bit Video DACs with Noise Shaped Video processing
Full onboard decoding for MLP/DVD-Audio, dts 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and HDCD
Variable Black Level (Setup): 0 and 7.5 IRE
Below-black (PLUGE) on both progressive and interlace outputs
5 Picture Memories, with adjustable tint, brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma
Super Sub Alias Filter on Progressive and Interlace for Luminance and Chrominance signals
Audiophile grade Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192-kHz PCM 1738 Audio DACs
Pure Direct ‘quiet’ mode switches off all non-essential circuits & displays during music playback
Full & Flexible Digital Bass Management for DVD-Audio
HDCD decoding for CD
AL24 Processing Plus
MP3 Playback
1 x wideband relay switched Component Video output
1 x RGB via SCART
2 x Composite Video and 2 x S Video outputs
Standard 24/96 digital outputs; optical and coaxial
5.1 analogue outputs
RS-232C with Crestron & AMX support plus remote in/out ports
Glo-Key remote control

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