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DENON DVD-900 Black

DVD Player - Black
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DENON DVD-900 Black
Slim, Compact Design Just 75 mm High and High-class Aluminum Front Panel
The DVD-900 features a slim, compact design only 75 mm in height, and the front panel is made of strong, high-grade aluminum. When combined with a Denon A/V surround amp of uniform design, the face gives a touch of elegance to any interior.
24-bit, 192-kHz High Resolution Audio D/A Converters
The DVD-900 is equipped with a high-bit, high-sampling D/A converter capable of supporting the demanding 192-kHz / 24-bit sound recorded on DVD with its powerful dynamic range and low signal-to-noise ratio. The total audio circuit design, based on technology from Denon's acclaimed CD players, also brings out the high-quality sound of CD with superior results.
RGB Output via SCART Terminal
DVD-R, CD-R/RW Playback
MP3 Playback
4-Arrow Keys on the Front Panel
An arrow keys for 4 directions are provided on the front panel as well as the remote control unit. This is convenient for making menu and setup adjustments directly on the main unit when the remote controller is out of reach.
2 MB Buffer Memory
This unit is equipped with a 2 MB buffer memory to ensure that both picture and sound are played without interruption when the DVD disc shifts from layer 1 to layer 2, or in the rare event of a pickup dropout.
Picture Zooming (x2 or x4)
During play, when you press the Zoom button on the remote control, you can enlarge the picture by 2x or 4x. Use the cursor to move the enlarged viewing area up, down, to the left, or to the right.
A Wealth of Playback Functions
The DVD-900 includes a wide variety of playback functions, such as Resume Play, for returning to the Pause position on the disc after the playback was restarted; Slow Play; Repeat Play (A-B, Chapter, Track, Disc); Random Play, and Program Play.
Aspect Ratio Function for Correct Image Displays
When you want to view video images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 on a 16:9 Progressive TV monitor, the DVD-900's Aspect Ratio function converts the images to the correct aspect ratio so that you can enjoy high-quality Progressive output on your screen. This function also converts 16:9 images for output to 4:3 TV screens.
On-screen Display
A simple press of the Display button on the remote controller lets you see the current operating status of the DVD-900 within an easy-to-read display on screen. The various operations and settings are easily changed using the remote controller while monitoring the screen display.
24/96 PCM Digital Output Capability
PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Output
Other Versatile Features
- SRS True Surround
- Auto Power OFF
- Remote Control

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