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DK Digital DVD500

DivX/Nero DVD Player
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DK Digital DVD500
With the DVD-500 we have incorporated many new playback features. MPEG4 Technology is a growing format, our hardware needs to maintain the very same growth.
The DVD-500 is a slim model with our traditional ebony finish on silver. It has a bright yellow & RedLED Digital Display with distinctive bow shape front fascia. This player is really aimed at the more advanced user, providing playback of several well known evolving standards.
* Divx Certified Chipset
* Nero Digital Standard
* Playback of Divx 3.X, 4.x, 5.x
* DIvx VOD (Video On Demand)
* Playback of Xvid (within Parameters)
* Progressive Scan
* Karaoke Function
* CD-R Upgradeable
* LED digital display
* OSD (on screen display)

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