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Personal mp3 player silver/blue 3.6'' lcd screen
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Other features 3.6" LCD screen This is the size of the LCD screen
Other features Direct USB plug in Plugs directly into the computer, without the need for cable s
Other features Memory expansion slot To add additional memory
Other features MP3, WMA, WA - V, MP4 playback compatible These are the file types compatible with the player
Other features 2 hours battery life This is the battery life of the player.
Other features Embedded rechargeable battery The embedded battery ensures easy recharge of the player
Other features Software supplied Software is supplied with the player
Other features USB 2.0 connection Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
Other features In-Ear style earphones included Fit into your ear for added comfort and personal listening
Other features Bass boost enhances low frequencies for rich sound enhances the bass sound.
Other features 4 Pre-set equaliser settings equaliser settings that have been programmed for you
Other features Carry case included For carrying around your mp3 player safely
Other features Built in clock Does this product have a clock
Other features Analogue input .
Other features Automatic power off .
Other features 500MB Minimum size of processor required This is the minimum processor size required to run the softw are for the MP3 player
Other features 200MB hard disc space required This is the minimum hard disc space required to run the soft ware for the MP3 player
Other features 128MB Memory space required This is the miniumum memory space required for operating the software for the MP3 player
Other features 40GB Storage capacity Amount of space available on the hard disk drive

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