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Dvd/vcr combi
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SoundDolby digital 5.1
Sound compatibility (output)N/A
CD compatible playbackYesAllows the playback of CDs
DVD compatible playbackyesAllows the playback of DVDs
VCD compatible playbackYesAllows the playback of video cds
CDR compatible playbackYesAllows the playback of recordable CDs
CDRW compatible playbackYesAllows the playback of re-writable CDs
HDCD compatible playbackNo
Virtual surround soundNo
Video D/A converter10bitConverts MPEG2 8-bit resolution to reduce obvious signs of digitizing, rendering the film closer to the original movie master.
Audio sampling24bit/96 KHzConverts the software audio signals, which differs from source to source, into the highest quality. In the case of Audio CD, this results in improved dynamic range and audio quality.
PAL/NTSC playbackYesAllows playback of both PAL and NTSC discs (region 2) on PAL TVs.
Scart sockets2For easy connection of camcorders, TVs, and satellite decoders etc.
Remote controlYesEnables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Supports multiple language optionsNo
Supports multiple language subtitlesNo
Supports multiple camera anglesNo
S-Video outputNo
On screen displayNo
Scart lead includedNo
Graphic user interface (GUI)No
Supports interactive disc featuresYesAllows acess to the following features (if available on the DVD SOFTWARE): Multiple Languages, Multiple Camera Angles, Different Aspect Ratios, Subtitles in different Languages, Parental control and Bonus Material.
Disc navigation systemNo
Other Features DVD-RW compatible playbackEnables you to playback DVDs recorded by DVD-RW format
DVD-R compatible playbackEnables you to play DVDs recorded in -R format.
MP3 playbackAllows you to play music recorded onto CD in MP3 format.
Videoplus+ recordingSimply input the programmes unique number in the remote handset and transmit to the video to set timer recording.
Long playDoubles the recording time of a tape. Especially useful for recording several long programmes on one tape.
4 recording headsThe more the recording heads the better quality recording and playback.
Rear audio and video inputsSimple connection of a camcorder or games console.
Menu/screensaverOn screen menu with screensaver option to prevent static images "burning" into the TV screen - especially on rear projection sets.
Digital coaxial outputA connection sending digital surround sound, such as Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS, to a compatible TV or amplifier
1 RGB enabled scart socketThese scart sockets can accept picture signals in high quality RGB format. Connecting a compatible DVD player or digital box/adapter via these sockets will therefore result in a better picture quality. These scart sockets are included in the total number of scart sockets listed above.
Still/slow/search playbackFor perfect stills, slow motion playback or fast search playback.
Jog/shuttle controlFor precise control of frame advance and variable speed forward and rewind search. Especially useful during editing

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