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DVD Player
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The new DVD video XV-N316 player is equipped with the PAL porgressive technology developped by JVC...And it shows! An exceptional quality in image making this DVD player a top range player: improved quality with N/A video 10 bits/54 MHz (better image rendering). The XV-N316 reads all disk formats: DVD video, DVD-RW (format vidéo), DVD-R, CD, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW, and various contents ; MP3, digital photos JPEG (CD-R/RW), MPEG-4. This model is registered with DivX Network specifications, compressed videos in DivX format on CD-ROM. Another main advantage about this player is the user-friendliness and interactivity. The graphic interface GUI user for example, or the function Video Fine Processor which will enable you to control up to 7 image parameters: gamma curve, brightness, contrast, customize it to your likings. The ultra-flat XV-N312 fits everywhere (44 cm in height only).

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