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Kiss DP-1504 Multiregion

DVD Player with 40Gb Hard Drive - WiFi Connection
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Kiss DP-1504 Multiregion
The KiSS DP-1504 is based on the Slim Line DivX Compatible DVD Player KiSS DP-1500 with its built-in Ethernet Port and its PC Card Slot. These features enable this player, if connected to a Broadband Internet Connection to read Audio/Video/Picture content straight from a PC with the KiSS PC-Link Software as well as playing Internet Radio Station with WebRadio. WebRadio, with its friendly interface provides the user with a few thousands radio stations to choose from. The PC Card Slot placed at the back of the player, also adds a new feature: Wireless Connection. No more ethernet cables in the way, thanks to a simple setup on the player. KiSS provides the Access Point and PC Card (IEEE 802.11b) as extra accessories (See options on right). The difference between these players resides in the 40Gb Hard Disk enables you to store Audio/Video/Picture content on the DVD Player, up to 58 good quality DivX Films. The KiSS DP-1504 also comes complete with the standard CD/MP3, Ogg Vorbis, DivX, XviD, Jpeg, CD-R

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