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LG DVD-5083

LG Dvd player
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LG DVD-5083
SoundIntegrated Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder
Sound compatibility (output)MPEG2 + Dolby digital compatible
CD compatible playbackYes
DVD compatible playbackyes
VCD compatible playbackNo
CDR compatible playbackYes
CDRW compatible playbackYes
HDCD compatible playbackNo
Virtual surround soundYes
Video D/A converter10bit
Audio sampling24bit/96 KHz
PAL/NTSC playbackYes
Scart sockets1
Remote controlYes
Supports multiple language optionsYes
Supports multiple language subtitlesYes
Supports multiple camera anglesNo
S-Video outputYes
On screen displayYes
Scart lead includedYes
Graphic user interface (GUI)Yes
Supports interactive disc featuresNo
Disc navigation systemYes
OtherDolby Digital/DTS compatible output
Other3D Spatialiser
OtherDual focus laser pick up
OtherStill/slow/search playback
OtherDTS compatible output

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