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Marantz DV4001 PRO

Professional DVD Player (Barcode EAN = 4023243961330).
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Marantz DV4001 PRO
<ul><li>The DV4001 is more than just a DVD player: It handles movie DVDs, CDs (and their R and RW cousins), VCDs, MP-3 and WMA music discs, and JPEG-format photo discs, too</li><li>Delivers high image quality thanks to true progressive scan and all-digital HDMI output</li><li>Internal scaling so you can really see the difference with whatever monitor youre using</li><li>Flutter-free movie reproduction provided by the 3:2 pulldown circuitry</li><li>PAL <-> SECAM conversion for true world-wide compatibility</li><li>Sound quality is Marantz-standard, whether you choose stereo or multi-channel analog or coaxial or optical digital outputs</li><li>Conveniences range from on-screen display through parental control to front-panel menu operation</li><li>Solid Metal Front Panel and a high reliability chasis construction</li><li>Component, S Video & Composite Outputs</li></ul>

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