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Marantz DV4200 Gold

DVD Player - Gold
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Marantz DV4200 Gold
The DV4200 is an outstanding DVD player for the ideal home theater system, bringing DVD movies to life with stunning digital video and surround sound capabilities. The DV4200 not only lets you enjoy DVD Video but is also compatible with CD-R, CD-RW and music playback from a single MP3 encoded CD disc, which delivers up to 10 hours of continues music. The Marantz heritage in building CD players and DVD players, along with strict selection of parts, have been fully exploited to bring out an amazing sound and image quality. A dedicated remote control compliments the versatility of the DV4200.
spatializer restores spatial information, directional cues and ambient information to stereo soundtracks
Compatible with PAL and NTSC software
Supports widescreen and regular 4:3 film formats
Allows customised playback for experiencing different camera angles,
Storylines, languages (up to 8) and subtitles (up to 32)
Choice of analogue and optical/coaxial digital outputs for best connection and set-up
Onboard MP3 decoder
Plays discs from regions 1 to 6

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