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DVD PLAYER (Barcode EAN = 5017416256377).
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Product InformationWatch DVDs from anywhere in the world on this Matsui multi-regional DVD player. It can read audio CDs, photo CDs and CDs written with MP3s, as well as DVDs from abroad. Enjoy DVDs from around the world in the comfort of your own home.How to activate the multi-region functionality1. Make sure the disc tray is open and remove any discs from the player.2. Key in 7 7 7 7 using the remote control.3. Select region 0 for a region-free setting.Technical specification * No of discs held - 1 * Connections - 1 x Scart * Cables included - None * Digital audio output - Better audio quality * Region Code - 2-multiregion can be enabled * Mpeg Compatible - View downloaded movies * Zoom - Zoom into images on screen * Colour - Silver AttributeValueBenefitNo of discs held1 No Scarts1 DVD/CD TextYES Digital audio outputYESDigital audio output allows for easy hookup with a compatible audio/video receiverRegion Code2 ColourSilver Mpeg CompatibleYES RGB output abilityYESRGB output ability for use with com

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