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NAD T585

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NAD T585
The T585 also incorporates High Definition Digital Interface (HDMI) with HDCP encryption, allowing high definition audio and video signals to be transferred between source components, processors, and video displays in a pure digital format. DVD Video can be watched in normal of progressive scan mode (providing your display supports progressive signal). When using HDMI connectivity, you will also take advantage of the Faroujda DCDi chip that effectively upconverts standard (480 lines) to the High Definition formats of 720p or 1080i. Naturally, the T585 also supports all the popular DVD-Video features such as fast and slow scan, multi-language, multi-angle, A-B repeat and last scene bookmarking. However, unlike many ďuniversalĒ DVD players, the T585 does not convert the SACDís SD format into CDís PCM formatwhich defeats the sonic advantage. Instead we keep separate DSD signal paths to maintain the highest level possible of DVD, CD and SACD audio quality.
T585 DVD Audio/SACD Player Features
* HDMI Output for HD video and audio
* Faroudja DCDi circuit for 480i (DVD standard) video upconversion to 420p, 720p or 1080i
* Component Video Output with Progressive Scan option
* S-Video and Composite Video Output
* 12 bit 216MHz video DAC from Analog Devices
* 10 bit 27MHz video DAC from Cirrus Logic
* Coax and TosLink optical digital audio outputs
* Bass Management for DVD-A and SACD
* Separate 2 channel and 5.1 channel analog outputs
* Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
* HDCD, MP3, and WMA decoding
* 24 bit 192kHz DACs
* RS-232 port
* IR Input
* 12V Trigger Input
* Detachable AC cord
* DVD 6 Remote Control

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