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Nissan DV100S

DivX / DVD Player With Built In 5 in 1 Memory Card Reader
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Nissan DV100S
DivXÂ video compression is a patent-pending software technology that compresses digital video so it can be downloaded over DSL or cable modems in a relatively short time with no reduced visual quality. What does this mean for you? It means that now, for the first time, you can download full-screen, full-motion videos from the Internet that actually look and sound like what you get from your television or DVD player, and are not the size of postage stamps. With DivX compression technology, you can download and watch high-quality video on your television set with the DV100S from Nissan. Nissan Technology have developed a digital progressive scan technology that provides all the lines in one clean sweep, painting an entire frame at once. This means it takes one field to build a frame of video. Today DPS is used by LCD, newer DVD devices and projectors. It now comes as standard in all HDTV .

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