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Portable DVD/DivX player
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The 1021-DVX demonstrates the cutting edge in portable DVD player technology.The large 10.2" screen gives you a great view of your films.Enjoy your films on a wide range of media including DVD Video, Video CD, DVD-R, CD Audio, CD-R/RW, CD-DA and in DivX, MP3 and JPEG formats.Get great Dolby Digital and DTS sound.You can even view your photos directly from SD/MMC and Memory Stick memory cards using the built-in reader.The 1021-DVX has two earphone sockets, so that you can share the pleasure without disturbing those around you.For your ease of use, the 1021-DVX comes with a remote control and the screen pivots through 180.Get hours of viewing pleasure on your long journeys from your 1021-DVX.

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