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OPPO DV980H Multi-Region

DVD Player (Barcode EAN = 6920053830659).
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OPPO DV980H Multi-Region
GROUP WINNER & BEST BUY: WHAT VIDEO & HI-DEF TV: ISSUE 335. Prepare to be impressed by the OPPO DV-980H Multi-region DVD player. Continuing the OPPO tradition of exceptional audio/video performance and great value, the OPPO DV-980H delivers a stunning picture and immersing sound for todays home theaters. Advanced video upconversion technology brings standard definition DVDs to life with 1080p "Full HD" clarity. Precision rendering from Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, HDCD and regular CD creates enveloping acoustics with high fidelity. Complemented with 7.1-channel surround audio, high resolution picture slide show and a convenient USB 2.0 port, the OPPO DV-980H helps you rediscover the treasures in your home theater.

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