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Orbit 768-B

7in Portable DVD Player with TV Tuner (Barcode EAN = 5050053149732).
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Orbit 768-B
7 TFT LCD 16:9 Screen
Strong electronic anti-shock (DVD 3 seconds, CD/VCD 10 seconds, MP3 90 seconds anti-shock.
TV receiving function (PAL/SECAM system
Super endurable Li battery, play for 3.5 hours continuously (when playing discs), slim remote controller.
Free front and back search, free choose at 2-8 times speed
Built-in DOLBY decoder to decode MPEGII audio and video
Adjust TFT picture interface up to your interest, 4:3/16:9 zoom choose
Auto choose chapter/pause/front and back reverse and fast forward/repeat
Connectible to TV, TFT-LCD to enjoy AV entertainment with high quality image, either at home or outdoors
Switching power adapts to AC100~240V
Audio cord, Video cord,
Remote controller RC-960 (include button and battery), Switching power,
External antenna converter socket
Li-ion battery, Car power connector, SVIDEO cord.

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