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DVD / Nicam Stereo VCR Combination
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The functionality and convenience of two products in one ! The Orion DVD / VCR Combination DVC5000 is both versatile and practical , providing a range of options which also can save space and keep those wiring problems at bay. This DVD player will play Region 2 DVD Video discs and standard Audio CD's. Compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS systems , this product produces a high picture and sound quality. Standard features include Direct Scene / Chapter selection , Zoom in facility , Pause / Still frame and Slow Motion. Depending on the Disc being played , the following features may be available , Multi Language , Multi Angle , Parental Control restrictions and Aspect ratio. VCR features 4 head Nicam Stereo for quality HiFi sound. Twin speed options , on screen displays and programming , 8 event / 1 month timer , one touch record , auto and manual tracking and video index search system. Front AV input sockets for RCA and Phono , 2 Scart sockets , 1 sacrt lead , RCA and Phono audio output sockets and coa

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