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Dvd/vcr recorder
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Dimensions 7.9x43.0x27.4(H/W/D)cm
Sound Dolby digital 5.1
Sound compatibility (output) MPEG2/Dolby digital/DTS compatible output Compatible with all three surround sound systems currently available on DVDs: MPEG2, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS (Digital Theatre System).
CD compatible playback Yes Enables the playback of CDs
DVD compatible playback yes Enables the playback of DVDs
VCD compatible playback Yes Allows the playback of video cds
CDR compatible playback Yes Allows the playback of recordable cds
CDRW compatible playback Yes Enables the playback of re-writable cds
HDCD compatible playback No
Virtual surround sound No
Video D/A converter 54bit Converts MPEG2 8-bit resolution to reduce obvious signs of digitizing, rendering the film closer to the original movie master.
Audio sampling 192bit/96 KHz Converts the software audio signals, which differs from source to source, into the highest quality. In the case of Audio CD, this results in improved dynamic range and audio quality.
PAL/NTSC playback Yes Allows playback of both PAL and NTSC discs (region 2) on PAL TVs.
Scart sockets 2 For easy connection of camcorders, TVs, and satellite decoders etc.
Remote control Yes Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Supports multiple language options Yes Allows playback of audio DVD tracks in various languages.
Supports multiple language subtitles No
Supports multiple camera angles Yes Some DVD discs include multiple camera angles which can be accessed during playback, at the viewers will.
S-Video output Yes For high-band video connection to S-compatible TV or video.
On screen display No
Scart lead included No
Graphic user interface (GUI) No
Supports interactive disc features Yes Allows acess to the following features (if available on the DVD SOFTWARE): Multiple Languages, Multiple Camera Angles, Different Aspect Ratios, Subtitles in different Languages, Parental control and Bonus Material.
Disc navigation system Yes Allows access to any "chapter" via simple cursor control.
Other Features DVD-RAM Recording Format DVD-RAM is a rewritable format which is designed for data intensive,high performance applications.This system will enable you to play DVD-RAM discs which enable you to, among other things, pause while you play and record.
DVD-R Recording Format RECORD ONTO -R DVDS
MP3 playback Store up to 10 hours of music on one CD Download music from the internet
DVD-R compatible playback Enables to record onto DVDs
Linear PCM stereo sound Digital quality stereo sound.
Digital video noise reduction (DNR) Reduces the flickering evident in still portions of a DVD film due to compression of video signals, improving image quality.
unspecified playback zoom Allows a section of the film to be selected and enlarged.
front audio and video inputs Simple connection of a camcorder or games console.
Still/slow/search playback For perfect stills, slow motion playback or fast search playback.
Optical connection For connection to a Dolby Digital decoder for surround sound
Headphone socket For personal headphone use.
Videoplus+ recording Simply input the programmes unique number in the remote handset and transmit to the video to set timer recording.
Programme delivery control (PDC) Ensures timer recordings are accurate by means of a signal transmitted by the broadcasters at the beginning of each programme. Useful for when sports matches overrun.
Low energy consumption .
4 recording heads The more the recording heads the better quality recording and playback.
On-screen menus For easy selection of features.
Timeslip function Allows you to watch a DVD while the machine is also recording onto it. This, for instance, allows you to pause live TV to say take a phone call, then watching the programme where you left off.
Direct Navigator Displays a list of recorded programmes on your DVD
Index search to find the start of a recording Makes finding each new recording simple.
Long play Doubles the recording time of a tape. Especially useful for recording several long programmes on one tape.
Advanced one touch record One button press to begin recording.
Quick start mechanism Tape is loaded into a position ready for immediate recording or playback.
One touch playback Plays with the touch of a button.
NTSC playback This facility allows video cassettes recorded in the NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) system, eg. from the USA, to be played back via a compatible PAL TV
Digital tracking optimizes playback quality Ensures the tracking is correctly set at all times, giving a clear, sharp picture.
Auto tracking Video tapes only give the best results when the video heads have optimal contact with the video track. This system automatically adjusts the tracking to maximise the picture quality.
Auto head cleaner Ensures the tape heads are kept clean, thereby improving both reliability and picture quality.
Auto set up for easy tuning Automatically tunes in and sets the channels when it is first switched on.
100 channels The maximum number of channels that can be stored by the video
Child lock to prevent unwanted tampering Uses a pass-code to prevent use by unauthorised persons, such as children.
Real time tape counter Tape counter counts in hours, minutes and seconds.
Skip search Allows the current recording to be skipped, and the next played.
Tape remain display Displays how much tape there is left.
Slow motion replay Able to play back recordings in slow motion.
Anti-theft feature Includes features to deter theives.
Component Video output This connection delivers the ultimate picture resolution and can be used in conjuntion with a TV with the corresponding inputs and a component video cable

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