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DVD Players Multi Disc(5 Disc)
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- An ultra Super Slim 5-DVD offering multi-fotmat playback
- DVD-video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R,SVCS,VCD,JPEG,CD-DA, CD-R/RW,MP3 and WMA compatible
- Disc tray can be loaded with any five combination of these formats
- CD sequential play
- Digital Re-Master processing
- Varibale zoom
- HighMAT compatibility
- Porgrssive scan(NTSC)
- Audio/JPEG Navigation Menu
- Picture control
- Digital output for Dolby Digital
- DTS and MPEG2
- RGB output vis SCART socket
- 54MHz/10-bit Video D/A Converter
- 192kHz/24bit Audio D/A converter(5.1ch + 2ch)

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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