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Portable dvd player
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Dimensions 1.0x1.0x1.0(H/W/D)cm
Sound compatibility (output) N/A
Video D/A converter N/A
Audio sampling N/A
CD compatible playback No
VCD compatible playback No
CDR compatible playback No
SACD compatible playback No
MP3 compatible playback No
DVDRW compatible playback No
CDRW compatible playback Yes Enables the playback of standard, recorded and re-writable C Ds
JPEG compatible playback No
Memory card slot No
Component video output No
Optical output No
Scart sockets N/A
Remote control Yes
S-Video output Yes Since video signals are recorded as digital components in DVD Video, a better playback quality will be experienced when using the S-Video connection from the DVD player to the TV.
Graphic user interface (GUI) No
Supports interactive disc features No
Other Features Stereo speakers For high-quality stereo sound.
7" widescreen LCD The portable DVD player has a widescreen LCD
2.5 hours battery life This is the battery life for the portable DVD player
MP3, WMA & JPEG compatible The player is compatible with CDs and DVDs pre-recorded with MP3, WMA or JPEG files
Mains and battery operated The portable DVD player can be operated by mains or battery
Embedded rechargeable battery The portable DVD player has an embedded rechargeable battery
Dual headphone socket This enables you to connect two sets of headphones to the DV D player

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