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Dvd/Vcr Combi Multi-Region
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- Multi-Region DVD /Vcr Combi
- Stylish NICAM Video Recorder and DVD player
- Video:NICAM stereo sound
- EP mode -12 hours super Long play
- External Link for easy timer recording fo digital broadcasts
- Intelligent timer
- 60 second jet rewind
- NTSC playback
- Q-Link
- Quasi S-VHS playback
- Full Auto Set-up
- Video Plus
- Easy guide on screen display
- DVD player: Plays back DVD , DVD -R, CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 discs
- One touch Cinema memory
- Search mode up to 200x
- RGB output via SCART terminal
- Digital Cinema mode
- Twin SCART
- Optical Digital Out
- Sub Woofer output
- Front Indications x 2
- Simultaneous REC/PB
- Record monitor

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