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DVD Player
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Playback (JPEG (Picture CD), MP3 CD, S-VCD, DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW)
Digital Zoom: Advanced high resolution digital zoom for extreme close up's
Smart power off:
In case you forgot to put your player off, after few minutes (if no action) it will automatically turned into Energy saving.
Digital Coaxial Output (1): For highest quality audio
Disc Lock: You can enter a 4-digit pincode to lock / unlock a disc for Playback always or Playback once.
Disc Resume:
5 disc bookmark, the DVD-Video player remembers where you have stopped playing and resumes play from this position. The Philips Resume function applies not only to the disc in the player, but also to the last four discs you have played
Perfect Still picture and Zoom: Pause and zoom in on every detail without losing picture quality.
Parental Control and Disc Lock: You decide which discs your children can and cannot watch.
Dual Laser Drive: Ensures acurate signal reading
MP3 CD playback

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