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PIONEER DV-464 Multiregion Black

Multiregion DVD Player - Black
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PIONEER DV-464 Multiregion Black
Enter the world of DVD with this smart silver DVD player measuring a very slender 5.5 cm. Fitting virtually anywhere, it is the ideal match for the VSX-C301-S slimline A/V receiver. Full playback functionality means that it handles the full range of digital discs, including DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW (both “Video” mode and “Video Recording” mode), CD-RW, CD-R and CD. Following the latest trends, it plays WMA and MP3 audio files and JPEG image files from your CD-R/RW discs.
You’ll enjoy a range of nifty features like the Zoom with Scroll function to take a closer look at your favourite scenes. Even with your existing television or stereo speakers, your surround sound is unbelievably real thanks to Virtual Dolby Digital and TruSurround sound enhancing features. The DV-464-S comes with a Euro-SCART with RGB video output so you are assured of high-quality images without loss of detail. And last but not least, the DV-464 has been designed to have low power consumption in standby mode (0.18 W).
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