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DVD Player
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Hi-bit and Legato PRO audio processing
Jog & Joystick remote controller with illumination
Dual-layer chassis + isolated tray (same as DV-737)
Aluminium front panel, silver finish
Built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders
Gold plated output sockets
Video Features:
108MHz / 12-bit video DAC
Component output with PureCinema progressive scan (NTSC)
2 x SCART sockets with RGB thru-put
2 x S-Video outputs
2 x composite outputs
Comprehensive picture parameter adjustments (like DV-737 and DV-939A) such as Block Noise, Mosquito Noise, Y/C Timing, Mid + High Sharpness, Gamma Correction, etc . . .
Audio Features:
Crystal CS-4392 24-bit/192kHz DAC
Hi-bit processor (for improving 16 and 20-bit sources)
Legato PRO switchable digital filter with four settings (plus Off )
Coaxial + Optical digital outputs
Dual-layer chassis and anti-vibration isolated loading tray
Gold plated output sockets
FL display on/off and digital output on/off
Audio / Video block separate construction
Separate power supply regulation for analogue audio stage

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