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Dvdplayer Dvd-Audio Sacd I-Link
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- DVD Video, DVD -Audio Multi-channel and SACD Multi-channel
- Compatible with DVD -A, DVD -Video, Multi-channel SACD , MP3 , CD-R, CD-RW, DVD -R and DVD -RW
- Built-in Dolby Digital & DTS Decoders
- 2 i-link Firewire Audio link connectors
- Progressive Scan Output
- Fine Focus digital filter
- Full DVD -RW compatibility, incl
- `VR` format
- Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DAC
- Hi-bit and Legato PRO audio processing
- Superb spec : 540 lines horizontal resolution
- Picture parameter adjustments
- Twin SCART s with RGB thru-put
- Includes MP3 playback with on-screen navigator
- Jog & Joystick remote controller with illumination
- 108MHz / 12-bit video DAC
- Hi-bit Processor (for improving 16 and 20-bit sources)
- Legato Link PRO switchable digital filter with four settings (plus Off )
- x2 and x4 picture zoom
- FL Dimmer
- On-screen display and set-up menu

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