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Primare V10

DVD Player
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Primare V10
The speed with which DVD has caught the viewing publics imagination is nothing short of breathtaking. DVD technology now comes in many shapes and sizes with inexpensive players proliferation. This is because the mythology surrounding "universal" digital formats such as those of CD ad DVD, preaches that "performance" will be the same, irrespective of quality and price. But when it comes to genuine performance, the choice is still limited. The Primare V10 however, is the perfect solution for those demanding high quality sound and pictures at an affordable price. Its the ultimate expression of Primares celebrated high value price/quality relationship. The V10 retains many of the V25s features and qualities in a slim, elegant, superbly engineered package. In true Primare style, the D/A converters and audio electronics, and the transport and laser assemblies are located on separate boards, and fed with dedicated custom-built power supplies to keep noise to a minimun. The explosive dynamics and the subtle a

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