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Primare V25

Progressive Scan DVD Player
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Primare V25
With the arrival of DVD technology, home entertainment has taken a huge leap forward. The quality of DVD pictures and sound make the videocassette a thing of the past. But to get the best from your DVD discs, you need a better player.The Primare V25 DVD/CD player will deliver all the potential of your favourite movie soundtracks whether they be DTS encoded, AC-3 Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro-logic surround. Whats more, the V25 handles all standardised video formats including DVD, CDV, CD, CDR and 24/96 super CDs - in fact, all standardised DVD and CD formats.The V25 design uses superior components to ensure high performance and trouble-free operation for many, many years. Primare has added a video buffer to deliver excellent picture quality, and has located D/A converters and audio electronics on separate boards, well away from transport and power supply electronics. The V25s sound quality is thus comparable with many CD-only players in the same price range.As with all Primare units, the V25s superbly en

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