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Large 7'' portable DVD player
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7" widescreen LCDThe portable DVD player has a widescreen LCD
2 Hour battery lifeThis is the battery life for the portable DVD player
CD/CD-R/RW compatible playbackEnables the playback of standard, recorded and re-writable C Ds
DVD/DVD-R/RW compatible playbackEnables you to playback standard DVDs, DVD-Rs or re-writable DVDs
MP3 & JPEG compatible playbackThe player is compatible with CDs and DVDs pre-recorded with MP3 or JPEG files
PAL/NTSC playback (region 2 only)Allows playback of both PAL and NTSC DVD discs but will only play region 2 coded discs. Therefore the only NTSC disc that can be played have to be non-region coded.
Dual headphone socketThis enables you to connect two sets of headphones to the DV D player
Remote controlEnables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Mains and battery operatedThe portable DVD player can be operated by mains or battery
Rechargeable batteryRechargeable, compact sized battery with no memory effect so they can be recharged at any time.
AC adapter includedAn AC adapter is included so that the personal DVD player ca n be powered from the mains
Car adapterThis enables you to power the DVD player from a car cigarett e lighter.
Carry case suppliedA carry case is supplied for easier transport of the DVD pla yer
Over car seat carry caseThe carrycase can be attached to the back of a carseat so th at passengers can watch DVDs on the move
Built-in stereo speakersFor high-quality stereo sound.
Top loadingThe portable DVD player is top loading
Composite connectionsThis provides a way to connect the DVD player to another TV so that you can view DVDs
Multi-angled displayThe display can be altered to various angles
Supports multiple language optionsDVD Video format is capable of storing up to 8 different language soundtracks on a disc. Discs with 2, 3 or 4 language options will be most common in Europe.
Supports multiple camera anglesVideo scenes taken from up to 9 different camera angles (for instance live concerts, sports events) can be stored on a DVD disc, and during the playback, the desired angles can be selected instantly. Multi-angle DVD software should be available in the future. Function on DVD player operates only if the DVD disc contains multi-angle content.
Disc Navigation systemAllows access to any "chapter" via simple cursor control.
Playback zoomAllows a section of the film to be selected and enlarged.
Still/slow/search playbackFor perfect stills, slow motion playback or fast search playback.
Progressive scanThe highest quality picture available from DVD movies. Progr essive scan adds more horizontal lines to the picutre offeri ng fantastic clarity and detail.

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