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Roksan Caspian

DVD Player
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Roksan Caspian
The DVD is housed in the familiar Caspian styled black chassis made from 1.6mm zinc plated steel and the cover is finished in high quality soft feel black. The front panel is made from 5mm solid aluminium alloy finished in Roksan titanium silver. The Dual Laser mechanism, Servo and MPEG PCB circuits have been developed and refined by Roksan to optimise and integrate performance of sound and motion. The AC inlet is via a state of the art mains filter and the main power supply is shielded to eliminate interference with the rest of the circuitry. Microprocessor controlled, the Caspian DVD utilises a full On Screen Display for easy set-up. Future software upgrades can be made simply by loading a Roksan CDR of the latest version. The DVD player has a comprehensive range of video outputs, including Composite, S-Video, SCART and Component Video as well as Stereo Audio L/R, Digital Coaxial and Optical Toslink. Frequently used functions, with their own individual buttons, are directly accessible from the remot

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