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Samsung BDP1500

Blu-Ray / DVD Player in Black (Barcode EAN = 8808987624644). (Barcode EAN = 8808987624644). (Barcode EAN = 8808987624644). (Barcode EAN = 8808987624644). (Barcode EAN = (Barcode EAN = 8808987624644).
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Samsung BDP1500
BD-ROM and BD-R/RE playback Multi-format DVD playback CD MP3 & JPEG Playback Full 1080p High Definition output DVD up-scaling to 1080p Samsungs second generation Blu Ray disc player supports Blu Ray version 1.1 Also incorporates audio High Definition format decoding Playback compatible with BD (Blu Ray disc) DVD CD AVCHD discs Full HD 1080p support for playback at 24 or 60 frames per second xvYCC colour technology supports higher colour content for improved colour definition

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