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SAMSUNG DVD-E234 Multi-region

Multi-region DVD Player
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SAMSUNG DVD-E234 Multi-region
Step (Frame Advance)
Loading Indicator
Chapter Digest
Action Capture
Slow Repeat
Perfect Still
Zoom Function (x2, x4)
Multi Language Capability (6 Languages)
Single SCART
S-Video Socket
Composite Video Out
Parental Lock
Multi Camera Angle
Phono Outputs
Technical Specifications -
Frequency response: 4Hz-22.00kHz(44.1kHz, 1dB):4Hz-44.0kHz(96kHz, 1dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 115 dB
Dynamic range: 105 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: 68 dB
Audio Terminal
Stereo L/R output: 1 set
Coaxial digital out: 1 set
Optical digital out: 1 set
Video Terminal
Scart Jack :1 set
S-video: 1 set
Composite video out: 1 set
Net dimensions:420mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 333mm (D)
Net weight: 4.1Kg

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
All other trademarks and devices are the property of their respective owners.