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DVD / VCR Combination
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VCR Recording and Simultaneous DVD Playback
CD-R/RW Playback Function
Space Saving Design
DVD player and VCR installed in one compact unit
DVD-Related Features
Digital Gamma Correction
Digital Super Picture
Dolby Digital/MPEG Audio 2 CH Down Mix
DTS/Dolby Digital/MPEG Audio Bit Stream Outputs
Virtual Dolby Surround (3 Stage QSurroundTM Sound)
24 Bit/96 kHz Linear PCM Capability
10 Bit D/A Converter
VCR-Related Features
6-Head Hi-Fi NICAM Stereo Sound
Sharp Super Picture for Clearer, More Detailed Images
12 Hours Recording/Playback in PAL EP Mode with E-240 Tape
VIDEO Plus+ Timer Programming
S-VHS Simple Playback Function
PDC (Programme Delivery Control)
NTSC Simple Playback on PAL TV
S-Video output for DVD
RGB output for DVD
Front AV

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