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Ctv/Dvd Player 8'' 16:9 Lcd Inc Battery
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10 Bit D/A Converter
24 Bit/96kHz audio D/A Converter
8" Diagonally Measured Widescreen (16:9 ) LCD MonitorNew Digital Gamma Correction Features both automatic and 4-step manual enhancement of luminous intensity for dark parts of scenes
Built in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder
Digital Zoom
Dolby Digital /Dolby Pro Logic ch down mix
DTS Digital output
DVD -RW disk playback compatibility
Especially useful when viewing in a brightly lit room
GUI (Graphical User Interface)Access functions unique to DVD s such as switching between the subtitles and the soundtrack from the main unit
MPEG2 stereo 2 ch
New Digital Super Picture Provides even greater sharpness by adjusting brightness and contrast and clarifying outlines in pictures details
Personal DVD Player
Virtual Dolby Surround (Q-Surround)

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