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Smartdisk FTX40 40Gb

FlashTrax Digital AV player
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Smartdisk FTX40 40Gb
FlashTrax is an innovative handheld device that allows you to expand the use of your digital camera and multimedia files. With simple controls and high-speed transfers, FlashTrax allows you to store, view, and play all sorts of media files, all in one palm-size, portable device.Why carry piles of flash media with you? When youve filled up your media card, just copy it to FlashTrax, erase it, and keep on shooting! When youre done, just connect FlashTrax to your computer to view, print, or store your pictures.With its large, vibrant screen, FlashTrax is great for previewing your digital images or sharing them with the world. Whether youre spot-checking on the site of your latest photoshoot or sharing your photo album with Grandma, FlashTrax has everything you need.With its massive storage capacity, FlashTrax has more than enough space to take your entire MP3 collection with you on the road. The convenient MP3 control panel on the side makes it incredibly easy to listen to your music anywhere.Unlike othe

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