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DVD Player
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Table / Portable
DVD Player / Recorder
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Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Progressive Scan
DTS Decoder
Blu Ray
Number of Discs
DVD-R Recording
DVD+R Recording
DVD-RW Recording
DVD+RW Recording
DVD-RAM Recording
MPEG4 Recording
MP3 Recording
DVD-R Playback
DVD+R Playback
DVD-RW Playback
DVD+RW Playback
DVD-RAM Playback
DivX Playback
MP3 Playback
Photo CD Playback
DVD Audio Playback
Super Audio CD
Super Video CD / Video CD Playback
Hard Disk Capacity in GB
Memory Stick
Multimedia Card
Secure Digital Card
Smart Media Card
Compact Flash Card
PCMCIA Interface
DVI Interface
Built-In Modem
Real Dolby
LCD Screen Size in Inch

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