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Sony DVPNS718

DVD Player DivX HDMI- Upscalling
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Sony DVPNS718
The DVPNS718 offers a stylish solution for playback of DVDs in top quality, even on large screen TVs. Convenient digital HDMI connection for both aound and picture. Any HD Ready TV set deserves the best video source to enjoy picture quality at its best. Connect the DVPNS718 with an HDMI cable and select from the upscaling options available to see movies in your DVD collection as you never have before. The Precision Cinema Progressive scans every frame and produces visibly sharper lines and less judder. The handy BRAVIA Sync feature allows you to operate your BRAVIA TV and DVD player with the TV remote, de-cluttering your living space. The Photo TV HD feature provides a dedicated setting for viewing digital stills in the most stunning reality.

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