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Sony Home Theatre Kits
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'Pascal' speaker system with 5 satellite speakers and sub-woofer.* Slimline centre speaker - 120 watts maximum handling.* Active sub-woofer - 50 watts - 160mm. bass driver.* Compact front and rear speakers (50 x 90mm. full range driver units).* 4 x 25 watts maximum power handling.* Audio line cable - 2 metres supplied.* Speaker cable supplied (3 x 2.5 metres for front and rear, 10 metres x 2 for rear and 2.5 metres for subwoofer.* Connects to any Dolby pro logic receiver - Surround speakers: W3 x H5 1/10 x D4 1/10 ins. Centre speakers: W2 x H5 9/10 x D5ins. Sub-woofer: W8 1/10 x H15 1/5 x D15 1/5ins.

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