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DVD Player - Silver- : With Progressive Scan
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Very Limited stocks - orders will be fulfilled on a strictly first come first served basis. Stock is expected end of Jan/ beginning of Feb.The DVD32R has earned itself a reputation as one of the best performing DVD players money can buy, and the first DVD player to truly offer no-compromise, top class CD replay. However, the top loading construction of DVD32R does not suit all installations.Ever since launching DVD32R in September 2000 to widespread acclaim, the team at TAG McLaren have been pursuing an elusive goal: to get close to the performance of the DVD32R, but from a front loading design.From the outset it was clear that a similar performance could only be reached if they could re-use the DVD32Rís proven electronics, but linked to a front loading DVD mechanism.However, the DVD32R is an extremely compact design, bearing in mind that it includes a heavy, lead-weighted, suspended DVD transport mechanism, hence the height had to increase to add the front loading DVD mechanism above the DVD32Rís mai

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